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Kosher Certifications

Why Kosher Certification Needed?

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Benefits of Kosher Certification

As many companies are aware of the Kosher certification on an international processing level, kosher certified ingredients or products could very well make the difference between making or losing sales to another food processor or importer. The Kosher marketplace is one more aspect of the food market. And in order to compete within that market a food processor must obtain the services of a Kosher Food Consultation and Certification agency.

The Kosher Certification process enhance the overall quality control of a production line as it requires an additional certification at every control point from raw materials purchasing, receiving, label and document verification, to the manufacturing process itself, including the condition of equipment, filling, packing and labeling of the finished product. Chemicals that are kosher certified are not exclusively for kosher use - they can also be used freely in non-kosher applications. If the product is having a kosher seal, the customer can be sure that what they are purchasing has been subject to higher scrutiny than a non-kosher product would.

Few people say that kosher food is less vulnerable to parasites and bacteria. Others theorize that the non-permitted species of animals are hunters whose natures might affect the characters of the people who consume them. It is easier to understand that food may have latent physical benefits or dangers of which we are unaware.

You have been control over adding or deleting authorized users to your Kosher account. Allow specified personnel to add/remove data, including ingredients and formulas, as well as alter the viewing settings for your kosher certificates. Download your list as an Excel document and view all of the data behind certificates and products, including: labeler information, production location, kosher status and restrictions.

Procedure for Kosher Certification

In order to facilitate accurate assessment of the above you will be asked to fill out an application form. We would need to have, a complete list of ingredients and manufacturers of those ingredients as well as whether or not those ingredients are already kosher certified. Please include a copy of the current kosher certificate with your application. A Rabbi will be assigned to handle the application, and will be available to answer your questions, and even address the needs and guide you through the certification process. For further process the qualified Rabbi will visit your plant to observe your operation and the feasibility of certifying your products and the Rabbi will tour your plant and file a written report.

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After the completion of the above process the application and inspection report will be reviewed by the Rabbinical Council who will advise you about the kosher check can grant certification. In some instances, some modifications may be required for certification to be granted. The Rabbi will draft a contract including all of requirements of Kosher Check for kosher certification. If acceptable to you the contract is signed and returned to the Kosher Check office, and a letter of certification is sent to you. At last you may have to submit your new product labels carrying the Kosher Check symbol for our final approval.

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Types Of Kosher Certificate

We are providing the kosher certificate after proper verification of your company with experienced, professional, and supportive experts. Having the extensive experience serving large, upscale, international enterprises, we are exceptionally conscious of business needs, and are able to suggest cost-effective solutions without any compromise of kosher status or quality of the product.

We are here to help you to make the most of adding kosher to your cookery collection. Kosher sealing provides its customers with continued follow-up consulting services and designed to responsively improve production for better and more economical operations. Our proprietary designs and systems create a fail-safe work-flow with simple procedures for your staff to keep things “Kosher” all the way through.

We are approved by some of the most respected names in kosher supervision. Our team members are certified by the Chief Rabbinate. Our own code of honor holds us to the highest ethical and religious standards. We include the solutions and guidance for hospitality operators who operate with their additional, sometimes complex kosher requirements. Our experts’ professionals interact with staff, ingredients, and food production machinery and equipment. We are having the greatest respect for your equipment, staff, menus, recipes, and confidential procedures.

What is cost Kosher Certification

Likewise we are providing the customized service; the cost will depend on your exact needs. For more details you can call us for a free consultation and quote. The simplicity or complexity of the product will play a major role in the costs and requirements for kosher certification. Moreover, the meat-based products are by far the most kosher-complex, other foods require far less intensive activities. We are offering the flat and transparent annual rate and the company can signs the contract exactly what it will cost for kosher certification.

We are in contrast to a costing model where an agency charges an annual rate and in addition bills for each inspection and for related travel expenses and does not define how inspections they will be performing may or what total cost each will be having. The billing per inspection model often leads to a less than clear understanding of what the annual costs for kosher certification will be. We approach each prospective client with the goal of developing a sustainable relationship and model our fees accordingly.

The reason why we offer a free quote and analysis is that these factors are very unique for each company and Kosher laws are quite detailed and complicated in their understanding and application. It is best to provide an analysis for each company based on its individual circumstances.

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Kosher Certification Agencies in India

We offer Kosher Certification services as agents of leading agencies in India. Samrat Associates is the leading service provider in India, dealing with the companies exporting their products to USA, Europe and Israel and continuously facing the competition to meet the kosher requirements and to carry the logo for Kosher Compliance on products.

As most of the Indian manufacturers and exporters can no longer afford to supply their products without Kosher Certification. Keeping in view the high cost of certification, we have tied-up with leading kosher certification agencies to offer kosher certification services for Indian Manufacturers, producers and exporters. Our expert team members only can certify whether a food is free of any trace of non-kosher ingredients.

Each agency has its own trademarked symbol that it allows manufacturers and food-service providers to display on their products or in-store certificates; use of this symbol can be revoked for non-compliance. If the agency is for-profit, it may levy an annual fee as well as request a percentage of gross annual sales. The agency may also require a one-time "set-up fee", a per-shift fee for special production runs, and a fee forgathering equipment and utensils.