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How to Obtain a Kosher Certificate?

How to Obtain a Kosher Certificate?

Kosher Certificate in India

The procedure of going kosher is quite simple. The first step you have to take is to find the right kosher certification agency for your needs. If you’re a small local business, you can perhaps be supervised by the local rabbinical council, but otherwise, you’ll have to find a reliable kosher certification agency that is recognized at a national or international level. Factors to consider when choosing a kosher certification agency include the level of suitability of the certification, the level of service provided, the know-how offered, the terms of the agreement, and the fees.

Kosher Certificate in India

Steps to Certifications

Things to be done during Kosher Certification process:

Application Form

The application form asks for information such as:
  • Your factory location
  • Products to be certified
  • Ingredients used in your manufacturing process
  • A description of your manufacturing process
  • A description of your cleaning process


You will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to:
  • Inspection of your facility by our staff during all operating hours
  • Proper use of the OV symbol and designation, if applicable
  • A list of approved finished products.
  • A list of approved ingredients.

Initial Inspection

Before we certify products as kosher, we inspect all ingredients and production facilities used. This ensures that products meet the highest standards and will be accepted by kosher authorities and consumers worldwide.

Financial Arrangements

We are offering competitive, reasonable pricing for our kosher certification services. Clients can pay an all-inclusive fee once every year. This fee applies to all the products you wish to certify kosher, and includes our travel costs, unlimited inspection fees, and certificate fees. The amount of the fee will depend on the complexity of your products and manufacturing process.

Kosher Certificate

We offer two types of Kosher Certification:
  • Annual certificate:  This certificate is good for one year and covers all products specified in your contract. After one year, the contract automatically renews unless either party gives at least 30 days’ notice.
  • Batch Certificate:  These allows you to certify specific product batches only, which will be manufactured under rabbinical supervision so that you may meet seasonal needs of kosher consumers or maintain the flexibility to use non-kosher ingredients in products that you do not want certified.

Note: For your protection, the contract also includes our promise to keep confidential of all your company’s trade secrets, formulas and processes used to manufacture any products.

Apply for Kosher Certifications

We are happy to serve you better and are committed to give you the best kosher certification packages for your needs. Kindly fill the application form and our consultant will be in touch with you shortly. Please take a moment to give us some information about your company,

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